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YouTube and catchup TV major problems

I just wanted to reiterate what others have posted on here. YouTube has currently been down for over a week, could be longer. This was my main source of entertainment through he TV, so I am basically paying for a service I can't get. Also, this service is heavily compromised anyway when actually working because you can only watch it fluidly at off peak times. For instance after 7 pm it pauses continuously, and since I rarely get home much before 7pm my evenings window of entertainment is extremely small. So I thought I would turn to catchup to watch Wimbledon. Same issues as other posters on here, perpetual freezing and having to reload, and that is on standard definition. Don't even think of going near the HD button. All this after paying a substantial amount per month for what I thought would be the fastest service on the market. After all, it is fibre optic isn't it? Doesn't that mean superior speed? I think the issue lies somewhere else. When my TiVo box was installed nearly 3 years ago the engineer did say that at peak times you may experience a slow down in speed as your local network is somewhat oversubscribed. He said that remedial work will need to be carried out to this network to rectify this slowdown in speed at peak times. As this doesn't appear to have happened, and after numerous calls to Virgin, would Virgin be prepared, as a goodwill gesture, to provide the customers with this issue an upgrade (if there is one) to a faster service which delivers a service that was promised from the start? By the way, I am in the Reading area.

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