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Yet another iPlayer/TIVO post

It's getting just a little bit ridiculous.  When I had the old V+ box iPlayer worked flawlessly.  Then I was persuaded to take TIVO.  It has *NEVER* worked with catch up.  Stuttering, spinning wheel, stopping.  I posted on here, rang up etc and have always been told "oh yes i've just dialled into your box and there is a fault let me clear it, reboot it and try again".  Never ever works.  All the posts on here are replied to with the same generic "oh im sorry to hear about this!  I've checked your account/area/box and there is a fault, let me clear that and send an engineer round".   It still doesnt work for people.  Here is a quote from another recent post :


"[The engineer] checked the line, checked the TV, checked the TiVo box, then stated there was an ongoing problem with BBC I Player and also the TiVo box".


I bought a Now box some time ago to get the iPlayer (you owe me £30 VM), but out of interest I tried iPlayer on Tivo for the first time in a while yesterday - exactly the same.


What I'm asking for is some honesty from virgin media.  Do not fob me off with the same BS about temporary faults, sending a reset signal, leaves on the line.  Just be honest and say that iplayer does not work on tivo.  It clearly doesnt.  What if I didnt pay you one month and said "oh really?  I havent paid you?  oh wow, let me check....yes I can see a fault on my direct debit, let me clear that.  Try again in a month".  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like that.  Just be honest:


What is the ongoing problem the engineer talks about

When will it be fixed



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Re: Yet another iPlayer/TIVO post

Interestingly I emailed the BBC about this since they produce the TiVo iplayer app. 


They em said exactly the same thing. First they knew nothing about a problem. Second they suggested reporting to VM.  Thirdly they suggested rebooting. Even though in my original email id pointed out I'd done ALL those things without success. 


And when hen I tried emailing back to point that out (doing what I normally do and simply pressing reply so I didn't have to type in their email address again) my email bounced back 'no email address exists' or some such thing. 


Neither VM or the BBC cares. 


I I too have a Now TV box. 

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Re: Yet another iPlayer/TIVO post

Hi jwright26,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy  


I can see one of my colleagues has responded to you here with an update on your situation.


If you have any further queries, we're here to help.


Cheers. Smiley Happy

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