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Why is my TiVo box Clicking ?

I've just had a new TiVo box fitted and one day in and it's started to click every 8 seconds and it's driving us mad, any ideas cause if it continues I'm cancelling it ? 

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Re: Why is my TiVo box Clicking ?

It might be the hard drive. Phone in and tell them you might cancel it and get an engineer out. A box swap might be in order but if they do swap make sure the engineer stays until the box is up and running to make sure it doesn't click. 


Obvs make sure sure this is all done and you still have time in your cooling off period to cancel should u want to do so

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Re: Why is my TiVo box Clicking ?

Hi Adrianhyda,


Thank you for coming in and welcome to the Community, it's great to see a new face Smiley Happy


I'm sorry about the noise on the TiVo, when you're watching the TV if it is above the sound it can be a little annoying. 


I've been testing the connection with all services and boxes and I can't see anything that stands out from our side here but I can understand that this is still something affecting your viewing pleasure.


I would like to arrange someone to come out and have a look here. Can you have a check in your 'Inbox', as I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Speak to you again soon. 

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