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Why can't I get Sky Sports on the go on my MacBookPro?

I have just tried to use Sky Sports on the go since I have paid for it in my Virgin package.  On my MacBook Pro 2014 model I am using Safari, not Chrome, and my software is up to date. I may have failed to confirm my pin yesterday when setting up but after I hit return it gave me the message that there appeared to be a problem with Silverlight.  Since then I have followed the instructions on the help section on Virgin media and uninstalled silverlight and reinstalled it following correct procedure. I have unticked the accelerated Hardware playback and ticked the Enable Playback of protected content. I have restarted safari each time but still have not succeeded in getting Silverlight to allow video to play from the Sky website. I have also checked my privacy settings and cookies - neither of which was set to cause any problem.


The error displayed each time is as follows: 


Apologies this item has been interrupted due to an error. Please click play to resume watching.[t:6038/ c:4110].


when I click play the same message repeats.



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Re: Why can't I get Sky Sports on the go on my MacBookPro?




gilbertcj wrote:

apologies this item has been interrupted due to an error t 6036


Cracked it (in my circumstances).  I had tried all the solutions posted in the Sky forums and nothing worked for me (this was mainly deleting directories and re-installing SilverLight).  

So the underlying error code comes from PlayReady and is defined as 'Graphics device's driver certificate is invalid.'  More info here:
The first thing would be to check that the graphics card driver is up to date, mine was though.
I tried to play the second and fourth videos on this page (where licenses are required), and they also failed to work (good test to prove it's definitely SilverLight license issue 
I then went here and installed the Media Feature Pack (you'll need to track down the right download if you are not using Windows 8.1):
Then it worked.  The reason it wasn't working is because I use an MSDN Windows image (I have access to MSDN Library), which means that it is a version called Windows Pro 8.1 N (I think this would also be the case if it was K), and this means that certain media capabilities aren't bundled by default.  Installing the MSU gives you them and tadaaa, SilverLight streaming starts working.



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Re: Why can't I get Sky Sports on the go on my MacBookPro?

Not sure if any of that will help on a Mac - although hopefully there is something in there that will.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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