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White Noise

Hi, I have a problem with my TV and Broadband service. Firstly the TV, when I'm watching TV it will randomly cut off, maybe 3+ times a day, some days worse than others. Basically, the picture goes off, and you get a very brief pink screen, then white noise. This all takes about 5 seconds before the picture comes back on again. Which is annoying as hell! It also records the white noise when I'm recording the show. Now I've phone customer services about the issue several times, each time saying they'll monitor the problem, then a day later saying they've fixed it. we've had this problem since September 2014. It's getting ridiculous now. 

Might be worth mentioning that the broadband also goes off at the same time. IE if your streaming a TV show or YouTube you lose the internet for about a minute while the hub tries to reconnect itself. And yes I do use a hard-wired connection!

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Re: White Noise

Sounds like you have a cabling issue. Somewhere between the street cabinet and your house (the box outside your house through which you get your internal cabling)  Or a problem in the cabinet itself. 

I'd get an engineer out and get them to clarify. If it's not that then he can check everything inside your house. 

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Re: White Noise

Hi daz215,


Thanks for posting and I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing with white noise and the broadband connection loss.


I've run a few checks on both services and all readings appear healthy. I think in light of what you're describing though its best we get an engineer out to investigate this for you. I will send you a private message shortly (purple envelope top right) so we can discuss this further.


Kind regards


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