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When will the "lost audio on Live HD sport programmes with optical amplifier" fault will be fixed?

This fault has been ongoing even before Virgin decided to give it a "case" number, in July.

I have spoken with their Level-2 support and argued to death with a guy who insisted that Virgin see this as merely a "known issue", and specifically not a fault. This is because, they say, there is a workaround, which is to switch from DD to DD to PCM, whIch they insist does not constitute a loss of service. Oh yes it does.

However, those of us who enjoy the 5.1 experience when watching live sport have to put up and shut up.

Was told the issue would be fixed when there's a software upgrade, but got no info about progress of the fault, priority or anything. Their system is a joke.

Ask for a refund? Don't be silly - look at the T&Cs, Virgin do not guarantee DD service, so you're not paying for it in your bills (I swear, this was the justification). So, if you don't get it, tough s**t.

Another sad example of how Virgin treat their customers with disdain. Since the audio issue was OK before it got broke in a software update, there's no excuse for it needing so long to fix. What's happened, do they only pay one programmer for the TiVo software now!! I'm a "loyal" 15+ years (yes, ntl) customer and I just can't believe how bad it's got.

Methinks it's time to be looking around.

Landline, TV XL, BB 50MB

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Re: When will the "lost audio on Live HD sport programmes with optical amplifier" fault will be f...

Hi Heisenberg,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you're also being affected by this audio issue on the TiVo® service.  


We are looking into a more suitable work around or fix for this.  As soon as we know more we shall share it with you.


Thank you for your ongoing patience. Smiley Happy

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