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What's the best alternative to TIVO?

Hi all hope someone has the time and patience to point me in the direction of a fix or new provider for my TV subscriptions.....please!
Like plenty of people I've been supplied TV for the last 20 Years or so originally by NTL and latterly Virgin Media.
Have to say the broadband is exceptional but the TV services have become slow, outdated and are now at a point of frustration that means I'm unable to watch TV.
The TIVO box is clunky and continually makes a chugging noise in the corner while the content becomes less and less relevant and apps are appallingly slow often buffering and freezing making my subscribed Netflix or iPlayer impossible to watch. As for the TIVO suggestions!!!!
Have requested an upgrade to the new box which I believe is called a V6 and have been quoted an increased monthly subscription, new contract and inflated installation fee with of course no guarentee of better performance.
So, I'm at a stage where I'm going to request a cancellation of all services with the exception of broadband as the home telephone is also no longer a relevant.
With this in mind which system would offer me fast, accurate HD content along with Netflix, Amazon Prime, All4, iPlayer etc? Have been looking at the Roku3 along with Apple TV but would welcome any suggestions for the people who know far more than me!
Thanks for reading and any responses.
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