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What is to be done about my sluggish Tivo?

Whatever anyone says when you're paying so much for a TV service (even more from this next month), you do expect a more snappy fulfilling user interface. My Tivo remains hideously slow and really struggles to load the EPG, My Shows etc.. Scrolling can be a case of press the down arrow and the scroll starts after four or five seconds. I have had levels checked, tried rebooting (dirty and otherwise) but this only sometimes makes a mild improvement,  slowing up again a day or two later. The thought of using streaming services like Youtube and Netflix through Tivo fills me with dread. They simply don't or won't work satisfactorily. Thank goodness I use a different route for streaming. So many people on this forum have apparent problems with Tivo 'sluggishness' that something needs to be done urgently to avoid a mass exodus to Sky. And before anyone says anything about Sky+HD, my experience with that hardware was by far more satisfying. To me Tivo feels like a piece of ageing kit struggling to do the job it's being asked to do. In a world going fully 'streaming' for TV, with it's fibre network, Virgin could be cleaning up. But the current Tivo just isn't going to cut the mustard. 

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Re: What is to be done about my sluggish Tivo?

Agreed. Just holding on in there in the hope that with sky q announced VM have something up their sleeves. 

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