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Welcome to Tivo, broken promises, lies and the worst customer service I've ever experinced.

I have been with Virgin from the begining when they took over from Telewest. So I was very upset when I took up the offer of Tivo. Customer service seems not to be a word thats understood by Virgin.

Let me catalogue what happened to me.


1) Continually offerd a Tivo and all its so called benefits.


2) Took up offer and waited to recieve the Tivo unit. Virgin arranged a delivery date, all good so far.


3) Tivo unit is delivered a week later than arranged. A little disapointed, but not a big problem.


4) Had to install the unit myself, reading the instructions given. The Tivo box came on but the remote would not function. I was unable to operate the Tivo functions from the remote.


5) Checked the instructions to find trouble shooting section.

Checked batteries were in correctly.

Reset Tivo unit by switching off and on again. 

No good would not work still.


6) Phoned (so called Customer help line) to report the problem. They told me the would send out a new remote.


7) Recieved new remote control, still would not operate the Tivo functions.


8) Phoned again to report the problem. At this point I have spent hours navigating a very frustrating phone system trying to resove this problem.


9) After spending a long time on the phone being passed from one person to another we arrange for a engineer to come out.

I explain that I work and the engineer would need to phone or text to say he is on his way. this was agreed and notes were put on their systemfor the engineer to see, all good I thought! . To do this I have had to rearrange my day, to make it possible for me to be at the house when the engineer arrives. This arranging of my day had a financial cost , but i was willing to do this to have the tivo fixed.


10) Waited all day for the engineer to text or phone, NOTHING!!!.


11) Arrive home that day and phoned to ask where the engineer was??? I'm told he had already been and no one was in. I explained that an arrangment had been made for the engineer to phone ahead and notes were put on the system for this to be done.


12) After explaining this I'm put through to technical to see if the fault is down to me and the fault could be corrected over the phone. I'm not stupid, being a service engineer myself.

After spending a long time on the phone (costing me money) its concluded that an engineer would be needed after all!!


13) At this point my trust and patiance is very thin. An appointment for a engineer to come out is arranged. I have to make arrangments again to be available, costing me money. This time I make the time to be at the house, as it seems virgin engineers can't read simple requests or instructions.


14) I wait and wait and wait. I wait all afternoon and evening, thinking the engineer is caught up and will be along at any point. 10pm, no engineer no text, no phone call. We decide to go to bed as I have to be up early. Up early to try and catch up on the time i have wasted on the phone talking to virgin, tryng to reslove a fault i have had from the very begining and waiting for engineers who dont turn up and are unable to text or phone or read simple instruction. 


15) I phone the next morning, where was the engineer, I have to go through the whole thing again. NOoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16) I cannot afford this so called value for money service, Its costing me to much. I have lost alot of time and money.

I decide enough is enough. Please cancel, come and take the faulty box away.


17) I cancel after alot of time navigating a very complex phone system ( I feel i need training for this).

THEN I'm told!!!! I will need to spend more time waiting for a box to arrive, package the faulty Tivo myself and send it back to them myself. Costing me time and money all over again.


18) This whole experince has been a very costly one for me. I write this in the hope that people will see it and learn from my costly mistake. My aim is to make as many people aware of this as possible using all possible means.


Good bye from a very frustrated cutomer.

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