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Waste of time

Had an engineer out yesterday to have a look at the Tivo box,there where 2 things wrong, a network issue and an issue with the input levels,what ever they are, also the stuttering on the videos.He turned up not knowing what was wrong I had to tell him.He undid the cable from the Tivo box plugged it into his machine and said it was fine,he said he would go to the main box outside and disconnect the power and check that out.I asked him if he would be coming back in to make sure everything was working fine,he ignored me,he went to the main box did what ever he needed to do,put his tools back in the van,got in the van,which I assumed was to do the paperwork,3 minutes later he drove off.So I do not know if the network issue and input levels have been fixed and the stuttering on the videos is still there.Collette T did ask me to email her to tell her how it went.I emailed her yesterday straight after he left,still have not heard back.



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Re: Waste of time

Phone it in again  -  there is marker system that highlights faults reports which are reported within a few days of a previous visit

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VIVID 350 Optical Fibre (350/20mb) in Area 31
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Re: Waste of time

Hi Paul, 


I'm sorry to hear that you've not had a reply back from Collette_T, she is currently off duty for a few days, so I've replied back to your message on her behalf. 


Apologies again 



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