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Walter presents

Hi I've seen lots of chat on here regarding All 4 and TiVo. I'm very disappointed that a free service from C4 isn't available on the TiVo. There seems to be no answer to numerous questions on this board or am o doing something wrong??

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Re: Walter presents

CH4 choose how to distribute their content, NOT Virgin Media. No online platform (TiVo, Fire TV, SKY HD etc etc) have an app for it...

 From CH4's website..

"A brand new video streaming brand showcasing the world’s best foreign-language drama free-of-charge to UK viewers is to launch in January under the WALTER PRESENTS identity.

The service, which was previously announced with the working title 4 World Drama and is being launched through a partnership between Global Series Network (GSN) and Channel 4, will be exclusively available in the UK via Channel 4’s new digital hub, All 4."

So as it is CH4 who are CHOOSING to keep it exclusive, its them you need to hound.