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WHEN will the software fault affecting Netflix via Tivo box be fixed (started 18th June !!) ?

My Netflix viewing has been ruined for weeks now - every program keeps buffering every 45 seconds or so. Netflix did all diagnostic checks and it was not their service fault. A Virgin media engineer came out, checked everything and said it was a software fault, which would apparently be fixed at the end of August (I was advised today by customer services that this has been present since 18th June !!!), I was told to put the Tivo box on stand by overnight at the end of August, then re-start and the problem should be resolved. Well I have done as suggested and it's still happening. I'm giving it til 18th September and if it's not fixed by then - it's bye bye Virgin media and hello Sky. I really don't want to leave Virgin, but out of principle, I will do it - 3 months to fix a software problem is a joke.

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Re: WHEN will the software fault affecting Netflix via Tivo box be fixed (started 18th June !!) ?

Hi garymcdade46,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm very sorry to hear you're experience buffering on Netflix. I appreciate how frustrating this is for you.


I've managed to locate your account to run some tests. All the signals look good and your local area cable is performing extremely well which is good news. It does sound like your issues is relating to the app on the TiVo® box.


We are aware of the issue and are working with multiple parties to get this problem rectified. I'm afraid I don't know the exact date when this will happen. I've checked the fault ticket and it says the next review is scheduled for 30th November 2015 but work is ongoing in the background. Please be aware the issue could be fixed before.


I sincerely apologise once again. Please keep an eye on the forum for any updates.



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