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Virgin "It's Time To Simplify TV" ad

I've just seen a TV advert claiming that Virgin simlifies TV by giving you everything in one place - TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix etc.

I had to laugh.... I have been a Virgin customer for a long time and in my experience with my Tivo box everything except standard TV viewing takes so long to fire up it is virtually unusable. BBC 'red button' for example simply freezes my TV for minutes on end. Netflix is the same. Youtube? Don't make me laugh...

This has been my experience since getting the Tivo box five or six years ago, despite several updates.

Is it me? Is it my Tivo box? Or is just that trying to do anything except watch TV and recordings of TV is unusable? (... and YES! I have switched it off and on again!)

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Re: Virgin "It's Time To Simplify TV" ad

I don't find any of those services 'unusable' on my TiVo box, but many of them can be quite clunky and slow.

I think the message of the advert is a bit naughty as we don't get the full versions of key services like ITV Hub, All4 and My5, just a limited selection of their shows through Catch Up, so miss out on quite a bit of content. Although we have access to Netflix we don't currently get Amazon Prime, and our version of UKTV Play has been broken since the last software update.

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Re: Virgin "It's Time To Simplify TV" ad

It is hyperbolic advertising.

Last year's offering was a stupid sofa bear extolling the wonders of docsis3 "the magic in their cables".

A two minute browse through these boards will confirm that not all services are available to all customers and you are definitely one of the lucky customers if you get a 'solid' service across the advertised range .

These adverts are misleading as are the "up to" speeds quoted for broadband.

I have been banging on about such OTT claims in their advertising for years but it seems like I am a lone voice shouting at those who do not wish to listen.

Obviously if VM have you signed up for one years minimum contract they have got their income.

Next year (usually in the run up to xmas) some bright advertising agency will once again sail dangerously close to the letter of the law and sign up a whole new raft of customers who will be as disillusioned as you and me.

They too will be fobbed off with a poor product and bad customer service.  Any 'promise' of a fix will take them beyond the 30 day free cancellation period and sofa bear will feed on manuka honey once again for another full year; on our hard earned cash.

I guess they consider this a good business model and acceptable practice. 

Call 150/151 and see how far you manage to get with a complaint : (