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Virgin package cancellation

Hello, I've been with Virgin Media for about 4months and just found out that I will be moving. So obviously I love my package and deals that I have from Virgin but When I told Virgin about me moving they had to do the scan to find out if my account can be transferred to my new home. Unfortunately it can't be, my new home only has BT & sky in the area. I was upset because i have been with sky previously and I didn't want to deal with them anymore plus I was completely satisfied with my broadband & tv deal with virgin. They told me I have to pay cancellation fees of £200, which is a bit of a shock because they need me to cancel not me. It's not my fault they are not services in my new area. Why should I have to pay for something which is beyond my control. ? Please help me
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Re: Virgin package cancellation

Sorry, but the cancellation fees are correct.

When you take out a contract and minimum term with Virgin Media it's for your current address. There is no guarantee of forward transfer.

Virgin Media are not in control with where you live. You requested services at your current address which they have provided as agreed. As part of that agreement you agreed to take the services for a minimum period that you have now asked to change.

The terms are clear that if services are cancelled within the minimum term, then the Early Disconnection Fees are payable.
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