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Virgin engineer told me

I called out Virgin about the very noisy Tivo box and he said all was ok but to dull the noise I should buy a piece of foam and to sit the box on top of this. I have this in writing as advice. Now , am I right in thinking this is a fire hazard as box gets hot and the vents are on the underside of box.

has anyone else been advised by Virgin to do this and is their house still standing ?

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Re: Virgin engineer told me

Hi MX5heaven, welcome to the forums. Tivo boxes do make a certain amount of noise as the hard drive is constantly spinning, but if it's louder than what you would consider normal, then you may have a faulty Tivo box. You may have the older Cisco Tivo box rather than the newer Samsung Tivo box and generally in my experience, the older Cisco boxes are noisier than the Samsung Tivo boxes. I was in a similar situation to you at one point and was given an older Cisco Tivo box that was very noisy. I called the technician that had installed the box and explained what was happening and it was replaced with a Samsung Tivo box which was much quieter. Your post should hopefully be picked up in a few days by one of the Virgin Media Forum Team who should be able to assist further. Also, there is another thread on the forums similar to the one that you have posted. Might be worth having a read :-
I hope this helps Smiley Happy
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Re: Virgin engineer told me

I have put padding under each foot of TiVo - just a little bit on each one.


I have a Cisco and Samsung on the same shelves and it is the Samsung which needed the padding - Cisco is silent.

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Re: Virgin engineer told me

Hi MX5heaven,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for popping by with your comment Smiley Happy I can see you've already met some of the friendly users Smiley Happy


With the TiVo, as Soul1 has mentioned, sometimes the moving Hard Drive parts can make some noise from time to time but this shouldn't be above your viewing experience and certainly not be overheating to the extent you're concerned of a fire hazard. 


Just to be sure, I've checked the hardware on my end, she's running well and responding well to my tests.


I can also see that Ozsat has mentioned using a little foam on the footings of the Box, can you tell me and the group if that's been successful? I can understand that this method may not be for everyone and if this does persist, I'd love to help out a little more Smiley Happy


Keep in touch and hope you enjoy the shows and content, anything you need just pop me a message.


Cheers Smiley Happy



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