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Virgin don't want my money!

I've been a Sky customer since 1993, never had any problem with them. Moved recently at short notice and as the landlord already had VM installed and no Sky dish I went with VM.

Signed up for Big Easy at £32.98 a month for 9 months then £41.99 a month for the reamainder of a 18 month contract.

Returned my signed contract, so far so good. One slight problem they had my address wrong (a missing B off the house number) so all the mail from Virgin was going to my increasingly annoyed neighbour.

Got it changed, which was a mission. In doing so my monthly bill suddenly went up to £55.28 a month for which they sent a new contract.

Seems that when they've changed the address they've cancelled the old one and started a new one from mid December.

Managed to get that corrected but while doing so I asked to upgrade from Big Easy to Big Kahuna Sports and Movies with HD. That would increase my subscription to £74.98 over the initial 9 months then £114.99.

They weren't intrested, this is apparently impossible and the only way to get those channels is to upgrade online and pay £114.99 a month for the whole 18 months.

This seems a strange stance to me. Over the course of my contract it's extra subscription revenue of over £1K, not to mention a happy customer.

Now they will not get that reveue and have an unhappy customer who will most likely return to Sky when the minimum period is complete.

Good work VM.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin don't want my money!

Hi cheifdave

I'm very sorry to hear you were unable to get the deal you were looking for with us Smiley Sad  Thanks for taking the time to pop your post here on the forums to us.

I do hope you have been able to have a chat with the teams about this offer since your post to us here on Monday. If not then it would be great if you could get back in touch with them on 150 or 0345 454 1111 where they may be able to take another look at this for you and see if there's anything else we can look at.

They can also clear the security needed to discuss the package and prices with you which we're unable to do via the forums.

I do hope this is something we can support you in if you call in again to our teams. Let us know how you get on.

All the best.


Forum Team

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