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Virgin TiVo box not working

Hi there

I am having a lot of problems with my TiVo box.

1- it's not recording programs properly, when i play a recording it freezes and repeats it's sells every 10 seconds

2- when I pause live TV and press play again it does the same. Freezes and repeats itself

3- I am losing signal to channels quite often

4- when changing channels it freezes a lot and won't let me carry on changing the channel

I phoned up last week and they rebooted and boosted it for me, worked for a couple of hours and then did the same

I've tried unplugging it and restarting it, works for a short while again but then goes again.

Any help would be great as it's quite annoying

Many thanks

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Re: Virgin TiVo box not working

Hi Jlads1,

Welcome to the Community!

Sorry to hear you're having so many issue with your TiVo®.

I've found your account and I can see you have a technician booked. Let me know how the appointment goes and give me a shout if you need anything else!

All the best  Smiley Very Happy



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