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Virgin TV is sub-standard

I joined Virgin Media TV two months ago from Sky and I am grossly unhappy with it for the following simple reasons:

  1. TiVo service is incredibly slow - temporary measures aren't good enough. Sky get it right with their boxes, the interfaces are clear, simple and run smoothly. This is a basic requirement
  2. On Demand content unavailable - some movies can still not be watched On Demand. I've called up and told it's an issue they're aware of and planning to fix before 4 January. It's the 13th today and still not working
  3. HD channels unavailable - These channels were before but now some do not work and advise me to call 150 if it persists, no change to cable set-up so this shouldn't be happening
  4. Sky Cinema content On Demand is in Standard Definition - It's 2017, no-ones wants to watch any content in Standard Definition. Sky offer this content in HD, you should too
  5. V6 Box Engineer Mixup - I ordered a V6 upgrade on Saturday 7 January and received an email confirmation of my order. I requested an engineer visit on Friday 13 January or Saturday 14 January. I received no further contact from Virgin Media. I called 150 on the morning of Friday 13 January to be told there was no appointment in the system. This is embarrassing, online and offline channels should be aligned.

Looking online before posting this, I can see I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction at the TV service. I am only two months into my contract but feel like I'm signed up to the a lower-level provider. I'm really disappointed because the Broadband and Telephone service is top-notch but for TV, I definitely made the mistake of not staying with Sky.

Anyone else fed up too?

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Re: Virgin TV is sub-standard

Hi Drendon


Welcome to the Community, I'm very sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TV service recently.


I've been able to locate your account to run some tests on the set top box from our end for you, we're detecting some signal problems with one of the TiVo boxes. Are you experiencing issues on both boxes or have you just tried the one so far?


Apologies for the service you've received too, it's not what we want for you, or any of our customers so I'm sorry for that.


We're looking forward to hearing from you


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