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Virgin Media becoming more and more disappointing

When I first joined Virgin Media, it was top of its game, however I'm just becoming more and more disappointed. The broadband and phone is pretty good but the TV service is just getting worse and worse.

My TiVo box just gets slower and slower by the day, freezing at moments at a time and what the hell is this TV Anywhere service that they claim they offer. Sure it exists but it barely usable and the quality is just awful.

What is actually going on? Is there any hope that Virgin Media will upgrade their service? I've seen people complaining for around 2 years about now about both and still no update. Sky has a new fluid platform looks very enticing which I'm tempted to move too.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any information on new updates to the TV service? Because if they don't change something soon I can't see people staying around for much longer.

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Re: Virgin Media becoming more and more disappointing

See this post re slowness

there is a new box in the offing later this year but not much detail yet. One would assume it would've need to rival Sky Q but who knows!

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