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Virgin Media Cloud TiVo app

Media Cloud is closing

As more of our customers are choosing to use alternative apps and services, we've decided to stop offering Virgin Media Cloud from 28 April 2016.

It's reassuring to have somewhere safe for all your digital valuables. So before we close Virgin Media Cloud on 28 April, we recommend downloading your family photos, videos and documents to a local device, then signing up for a Dropbox account.

Find out more about the closure of Virgin Media Cloud here.
Sign up for your Dropbox account now at

Please note: if you're currently paying for Virgin Media Cloud storage, we won't charge you a penny in March and April.


So will we be getting a Dropbox app and if not shouldn't Virgin Media reduce their prices?

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Re: Virgin Media Cloud TiVo app

The Cloud app was brilliant for me. Not being that tech savvy, I could show videos & photographs that I had taken on the larger TV screen. Being a photographer, I have several back ups, including Dropbox, but seeing them on the bigger screen....... So, yes, Virgin are recommending Dropbox. Will we see that app on our TiVos any time soon?
Always learning!
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