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Virgin Customer Services Diabolical - Tivo Box is noisy - Contract is a joke

I Joined Virgin from Sky 6 January 2017. It was a very bad choice because of the many problems the installation has caused and the disappointing service I am left with! Trying to get customer services to resolve problems is very frustrating and time consuming, with no satisfactory results!! The Tivo box is very noisy. The Engineer that came to resolve the problem told me they are all noisy, because the cooling fans are situated in the top of the Tivo box. If he changed the box it would make no difference, the new box would still be noisy and I would lose all my recordings.

In the last 2 months I have had many problems. Different Contract to the Contract offered by the Salesman, Personal computer equipment damaged by Incompetent Engineers calling at unreasonable hours, who didn't appear to know what they were doing, they left 2 hours later without resolving the problem. Sending an equally incompetent Engineer the next night, who eventually I had to ask to leave, so I could have my evening meal that had gone cold!! 

Almost all the programs currently shown on Virgin, I saw last year on Sky and there are a lot of repeats, so not much worth watching really. I feel I have been conned by Virgin, who want me to pay them if I leave. They should be paying me for the continual upheaval they have caused in my life, that is still ongoing. They will fob you off with anything to keep your custom. "Stay or Pay" its "Corporate Blackmail"

The telephone service is also inadequate, you do not automatically get itemised calls on your bill. If it is necessary to confirm a date and time that you made a call to anyone, it is not possible?Because of the continual awful and stressful experience I have had with Virgin Customer Services and Employees, I would not recommend this company to anyone.




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