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Virgin Anywhere - unable to connect, unresponsive and slow

Is anyone experiencing issues with using Virgin Anywhere? I have noticed that my connection to the internet via wifi shows a slow response today, i.e. spinning dial, pages slow to load. I checked my speed and pinged the Virgin IP Ping 10 ms Download 56.03mbps upload 12.28 mbps when i ping no packets lost/average =26 ms replies 4ms, 4ms, 96ms, 3ms The main issue is I was trying to connect to Virgin Anywhere. I selected my main TiVo box and it wouldn't connect, I then tried the 2nd box and this connected. When I went to change the channel it became unresponsive with the 'spinning dial'. Tried to connect back to Living room box, signed out and back in. Just got 'connecting to tivo'......and waiting... also received a couple or errors, but now cannot replicate them. Finally managed to connect back to the main box, but would like an explanation of why this happens and if there is anything I need to do. Thanks Melanie
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Forum Team
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Re: Virgin Anywhere - unable to connect, unresponsive and slow

Hi Melanie, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you've been having an issue connecting to your TiVo® boxes via TV Anywhere. 


Usually this happens if the TiVo® box needs a reboot. The refresh will help it connect a little faster and also first time Smiley Happy


Give it a try and then go again. Is there any difference?


Come back and let me know.



Forum Team

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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