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Viewing box sets on TiVo

Hi all and many thanks in advance


I'm using TiVo heavily at the moment for viewing box sets and finding it really annoying that TiVo doesn't appear to remember what I'm watching or where I am in the box set. 


Does anyone one know if this is just me and if there's a way to set this us or is this something VM needs to develop. If they need to develop it how do I request this.



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Re: Viewing box sets on TiVo

Hi duncan100974,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy


It does sound like a great idea to get TiVo® to remember where you are in the box set ordered.  I will be happy to put forward this feedback and hopefully it's something we can incorporate in future.  


We're always looking for ways to make things better with TiVo® so hopefully this will be looked at in the near future.


If you do have any other queries, we're here to help Smiley Happy

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