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Vevo is terrible

Who was responsible for vevo? Despite the recent price hike the music service ihas been degraded. Hard to use and when I do eventually find something I want to see it freezes regularly. And adverts as well! This might be the final straw. Sky, here I come. Very disappointed with this change.

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Re: Vevo is terrible

Couldn't agree more - I gave up and thought I would revert to the Music On Demand section only to find that it has been removed and replaced with Vevo.

I ended up loading the you tube app and searching for the tune I wanted that way.

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Re: Vevo is terrible

I have recently returned to Virgin and have a Tivo box in my main room, and a second HD box in our bedroom.

The VEVO app on the Tivo box is terrible - and I agree with all the comments made by others :-

1. App takes too long to start up

2. App is not very responsive

3. Search and starting to play music videos is too slow.

4. Adverts are just too frequent.

On our standard HD box, I can still use the normal Music on Demand which loads fast and just works with no fuss.

Virgin should just give access to this app back on the Tivo box as the VEVO app is just a waste of time.

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