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Very slow Tivo menu

I haven't been able to resolve the issue of the slow Tivo menu, I've had a look at other posts that have the same problem,  rebooting doesn't seem to work either.  Is this a problem that only an engineer can sort out? 

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Re: Very slow Tivo menu

It's a problem with the network rather than the box itself. To be honest an engineer will come out and add/remove filters, fiddle with the remote then leave. Things will improve for a day or two then probably revert to the same. It's a bit of a depressing cycle. Calling to speak to someone is even more depressing unfortunately
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Re: Very slow Tivo menu

Hi Peterh87,


Thank you for coming into the Community and posting for the first time Smiley Happy


I've been checking the TV services as a precaution and have found that your input levels on the TiVo are not what I'd like for them to be. 


Also I did notice that any Internet services in the home you may have may be suffering some difficulties.


So we can avoid any further issues I'd like to arrange an engineer to come out and check the devices and connections. 


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little blue envelope near the top right of the page.
Get back to me when you can.

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