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Very slow Tivo boxes

Hi all,

Both of our  Tivos are suffering from incredible slowness in response. I've tried the suggestions listed elsewhere, and they give a temporary respite at best. Neither machine is anywhere near full, and I really don't think this is good enough. Additionally, the new "features" which came along with this code drop, such as the newer more complicated folder structure only cause confusion. My mother thought her Tivo had recorded 56 episodes of Casualty, as she didn't realise that it was showing old eps available for streaming!

Can a mod explain what testing was done, or are we paying for the privilege of being beta testers? Is it possible that we could return to the previous software? Are there plans for a new Tivo 2, as rumoured? 

Getting seriously annoyed at another example of VM taking long term customers for granted.

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Re: Very slow Tivo boxes

Hi dq1967


I'm really sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TiVo boxes recently, it's not the service we want for you.


We're aware of an issue that's causing our TiVo boxes to operate slowly, you can keep up to date with this issue by clicking on [this thread].


Apologies again for the inconvenience caused.


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Re: Very slow Tivo boxes

So Craig, that thread was posted over 3 weeks ago and so far you and the rest of your so called tech team have failed to fix it, or even give a progress report.

So now you are being given the opportunity to address all the complaints on this issue right here right right now.

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Re: Very slow Tivo boxes

Still been 3 weeks since the response from Virgin!!!!!

I've rung up at least twice to complain, followed their instructions and my Tico speeded up for ........ about 30 minutes, then went back to being slow.

Even to play a recording can take 15-20 seconds to load, never mind any catchup TV. Rediculous.


Perform an update to a system you expect it to be still working at least as good as before. Or is this a way to get people to upgrade (for a fee) to the new system that has been promised for a while --- or are they having problems with that too

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