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Very bad pixelation issues

Had a new TiVo box installed recently to replaces faulty one. Now on channels BBC 1 and 2, itv and sky1 hd the picture is awful and it breaks up and pixelates. I checked signal levels and they are around 49% so seems low to me. I also gather faulty cables could bear issue? Please help virgin as its very annoying to pay for a picture that would be better using freeview in bad weather. Thanks
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Re: Very bad pixelation issues

Sounds like signal issues for you I am afraid it looks like you will have to get an engineer out.


I have had pixelation issues at times since I joined Virgin in 2012, so far my signal is fine, but I agree with you, it is so annoying. I have Freesat too and the signal strength is fantastic even in bad weather. Virgin sell the point that their service is not affected by bad weather, but it is their bad signal quality and power levels which they have to deliver the signals to each customer that is the issue.


Cable seems to be the problem here, as the bandwith levels must be squeezed at times to get all the channels in. Cable TV is limited in that regard compared to satellite which seems to have a wider flexibility with signals. 


Just my view and opinion, hope I will not get told off by others on here who seem not to like it when people point out issues with Virgin Media. 

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Re: Very bad pixelation issues

Hi there Spacebucks,


Thanks for coming to the Community and posting your comment on the TiVo. 


I'm sorry that the TV has been Pixelated lately. I would certainly like to help out here and from what I've been able to find from tests I've run, you're having some signal issues on the TiVo. 


I'd like to arrange an engineer visit to help remedy this and I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little red envelope near the top left of the page.

Get back to me when you can.

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