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Very annoying noise

I am having same problem as many others with very annoying drumming on tivo box. Only had it two weeks and starting to wish I had stayed with Sky. Booked a call back with customer for 6pm tonight. 6.50 and no call. Virgin media you need to sort out this problem with boxes, not good enought

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Re: Very annoying noise

Hi lumper69,

A warm welcome to our community and thanks for coming by Smiley Happy

I will be happy to help check out what's happening with the noisy TiVo®.  Have you tried placing foam cushions or something similar under the TiVo® box itself?  If not it's worth a try as this can significantly reduce any drumming/vibrating sounds the box makes when placed on a hard surface.

If you have tried this and it's not helped, let me know and I can help further.

Collette Smiley Happy

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