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Very Slow Tivo

I have had a Tivo box since they were first released. I have noticed over the past six months that the box is increasingly slow. At some points it comes to a complete halt and freezes for what seems like an eternity. This is mainly when using Netflix or iplayer but also happens when changing channels or using the guide. 

The menus continually freeze, making the viewing experience unpleasant to say they least.

I have looked at various threads and the consensus is that the box is not fit for purpose and Virgin know about the problem.

Has anyone challenged Virgin in regard to this and if so what has been their response?

I absolutely love their internet but their TV service appears to be getting worse almost to the point of being unusable. 


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Re: Very Slow Tivo

Hi Dlapi,


Welcome to the Community, it's lovely to welcome you in and I hope you've found the boards useful so far. 


I'm very sorry to learn about the TiVo services freezing and halting from time to time, I've been able to run some tests on the box and I've certainly been able to see what you mean. It looks like your downstream power levels aren't operating in the right way and getting someone out to you would be best to resolve this Smiley Happy 


To answer your question of the box and other threads, we look at all faults based on their own merit and although I'm not able to speak for other customer's services, I can see that this type of problem is specific to you and isn't included in an outage affecting a wider area.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
Stay in touch Smiley Happy

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