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Very Slow Stubborn Box

I joined virgin media less than a month ago, today I have spent nearly an hour on the phone again trying to get my TiVo box working. It is hanging between screens when I press the home button or recordings button. Tonight I timed it and it took over 2 minutes to load the home screen. I then called in, I ended up speaking to 6 different people because no one would take ownership of the problem, I spoke with a guy called Phil who was helpful and said he'd call tech support and explain my problem and see about getting someone out to look at the box and replace it if needed. I was then put through to the Indian call centre where the agent then tried to repeat everything that had happened earlier in the call when i spoke to tech support, eventually after digging my heels in he finally agreed to send out an engineer.
This has been a totally shocking experience, had I know about this before joining I would have joined Sky for their new Q box, instead I'm left tied into a 12 month contract with a box that responds slower than a ZX Spectrum.
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Re: Very Slow Stubborn Box

Look at the top of the board sticky slow TiVo. It's a software/network issue. Replacing the box will have no effect. Follow the suggestions in the sticky. It'll help a tiny bit. They've been at a solution for about 4/5 months so don't hold your breath. 

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Re: Very Slow Stubborn Box

I agree with the comments.

The new Sky box puts Tivo in the shade.

Has there ever been a more pointless piece of equipment. Doesn't do the basics and prides itself on offering features I am not remotely interested in like suggested programmes and the awful thumbs.

Tivo is now painfully slow and unreliable. Virgin please move on!

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Re: Very Slow Stubborn Box

Hi guys, 


Thanks for your posts and apologies to hear you are having an issue with some slowness on the TiVo®. 


You may find this update quite interesting: Update to our TiVo boxes Smiley Happy


If you have any further questions or queries, pop back and let us know.



Forum Team

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