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V6 - YouTube and advert ratings

This morning my son was searching for a children's show which showed no results, only a Youtube search option. He followed it and was presented with a selection of episodes (great!) BUT the advert which played before the program was highly inappropriate - some sort of sci-fi horror film trailer. Luckily we were able to mute it and then skip once the option was available, but this means it will be effectively unsuitable for use.

How can I:

1) Control the rating of adverts shown on Youtube via Tivo?

2) Block YouTube access if necessary?

Many thanks


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Re: V6 - YouTube and advert ratings

On the youtube app, go to settings, and you can enable restricted mode. I don't know if this will change the adverts that youtube shows, but I would imagine so. The other option would be to go to the parental control settings in the help and settings and lock channel 198. For some reason, I don't have the option to lock the youtube app in the lock apps and games.


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Re: V6 - YouTube and advert ratings

Hi Mariom


I'm very sorry for the Youtube content played before the video you selected, as Andrew has mentioned you can check the settings on the YouTube app for restricted mode. 


The advert is usually the same age restriction as the video that's about to be played so if you're still seeing adverts inappropriate for the viewer, then you might want to find an alternate method of watching it. 


I hope this helps


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