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Using an additional monitor with TiVo Box.

Hi there


My wife is due to undergo macular repair eye surgery in the near future. For at least 10days during the post operative period she will have to keep her head in a downward facing position for at least 50mins in every hour. This is known as "posturing"


There are 2-way mirrors available that would allow her to view our normal TV but I'm not sure how effective they will be.


Another option would be to connect up our small spare TV and have it placed on the floor or on a support so that she can watch that while posturing.


Does the TiVo box allow me to run a second feed to that TV (it has both SCART and HDMI input sockets) and will that output be completely synced to the output for our normal TV if it were to be viewed in the same room.


Hope you can help

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Re: Using an additional monitor with TiVo Box.

you can run the scart and the hdmi at the same time, although sometime it objects if you try to run just on scart if the hdmi is plugged in

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