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Using a Beo 4 remote with TiVo


Sorry if this is a daft question but I've had a good look through and I can't see an answer.

I've just got a B&O tv, it came with a Beo 4 remote that is programmed to control everything, which it does, including working the TiVo. It does everything on the TiVo except it can't get me out of the home menu to watch a current program. I have to go to guide and then click a programme on that

If I've watched a recording and then stop it, I press the left pointer on the remote several times and this goes back through to the beginning of the home menu, but that's it. The only way I can get rid of the menu and watch a current program is to go through the TV guide and click on something. It's getting a bit irritating because it's so drawn out. I should just be able to switch straight to TV, shouldn't I?

If anyone has any idea about how to do this, I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you,


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Re: Using a Beo 4 remote with TiVo

I don't have a Beo4 myself, but looking at the instructions, it sounds like you can programme the remote to operate other devices, like other universal remotes?

You need the Beo4 to send the signal that relates to the "TV" button on the Tivo.  Is there a learning mode on the Beo4, whereby you point the Tivo remote at the Beo and press the appropriate button on the Tivo remote so that the Beo learns the correct signal?

Failing that, have you asked Beo themselves?

Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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