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Upgrading to TiVo.... or maybe not!

I've had the broadband installed for over 2 weeks and have been impressed at the speed! My TV contract with Sky ends next week and I was looking to see if I could upgrade to TiVo. I've spoken to a few advisors and for the entry level package for TiVo I'm being quoted £53.99 per month (This is £31 more expensive for 1 box with the M package).

I was a little disappointed as a friend of mines has the full lot and pays just a little over that.... I guess they must be a loyal customer.

What are your thoughts on TiVo anyway as it's not something i've had a lot of experience with.

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Re: Upgrading to TiVo.... or maybe not!

Presumably you've seen this

As to the TiVo personally I'd wait. There may be a new box out soon (as a rival to Sky Q) although that's is speculation. 

Tivo is completely different to sky. It can reschedule recordings if it knows you've too many set up to record at the same time but that means you have to leave it alone and not keep interfering with exactly when you want nothing's recorded. The UI is slower (much) than Sky. And probably not as intuitive. Apart from that I have very few problems with mine. It records ok and of course it remembers to record series after series of a show without you having to remember when that show is coming back off a break. And Virgin always own the box so any faults they replace it with no fee payable. 

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