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Upgrade to TiVo box.

Swapped from V plus to TiVo a couple of days ago. Absolute dream to set up and get running. The remote is cumbersome but it does what it says on the tin. Many thanks to Virginmedia for the very well written literature that arrived with the TiVo. I've had so many problems in the past with BT broadband so this was a great and trouble free experienced. The V plus won't carry HD channels from 2017 so I'm glad I swapped now. What shall I do with the V plus box?

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Re: Upgrade to TiVo box.

Only one make of V+HD box (the older Scientific Atlanta) is being replaced. Customers with Samsung V+HD boxes will continue to receive HD channels as normal.

If you have swapped the SA version V+HD for a TiVO, you can either dispose of it via a recycling centre, or ask for packing to be sent to return it to Virgin for disposal.


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