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Update to our TiVo boxes

We are aware that some customers have been experiencing some slowness when using their TiVo® service recently.  We’ve listened to the feedback and have been working to understand what the problems are and how we can fix this.  We want to ensure that we give our customers the best service we can and have been testing a number of changes to help speed up the boxes. 

We’ve now started to roll out a new code to all our TiVo boxes to help make our TV service quicker, the plan is to complete the roll-out throughout the rest of November.  

There’s nothing you will need to do as the changes will take place overnight and won’t affect any of your TiVo box settings or recordings.  Please note if the TiVo box is switched off the code will then download when you switch it back on again; this normally takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.