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Unable to access iplayer content from Tivo search


Previously if I searched for something through the Tivo search interface which was on iplayer I was then able to open it directly, but that option has disappeared. So for example if I searched for war and peace I could open the program details in the Tivo screen and there would be a link saying something like 'watch from on demand', but that's gone. I can however still get to it through the iplayer app so it's definitely there.

A side effect of the above is that programs aren't showing as available in the Tivo search even though (as previously stated) they actually are. You also can't go to the program directly from the guide even though it has a catch up icon on it, instead of opens the catchup by channel screen.

Anyone know if this was intentionally changed or is a bug?

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Re: Unable to access iplayer content from Tivo search

I think all access to BBC content will be through the iPlayer app in future. Access through the OD menu is still currently maintained for the legacy V & V+ boxes, but these are slowly being phased out.


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