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Tuners locked up?

Brought the box out of standby to be greeted with a W02 no signal error. Checked all 3 tuners (by using info and changing to the other two) and all were the same.

Checked the diagnostics and all 3 tuners were showing:

Signal Strength: - (yes a dash so not even reporting 0 which is what happens when there is genuinely no signal)

SNR: 0db

Signal Lock: No

Program Lock: No

So, it looked as though all three tuners were in some strange "locked" state so I tried changing to a different channel (i.e. not one that any tuner was currently supposed to be tuned to) to see if this may force one of the tuners back into action but it didn't.

Ended up rebooting in the end. Not the first time I have seen this (as I have seen it on our other box as well) but I am sure before I have only seen it after the box has had a few weeks of up-time. This box was only rebooted last week when it received RC24!

I hope this is not another bug that rears it's ugly head alot more often on RC24 and I really hope both our boxes are fine over Xmas whilst we are away otherwise we won't be pleased to come back to lots of failed recordings.

Anyone else had similar symptoms?

Services: 200Mb BB, XL TV (with Sky Sports & Movies) + HD supplement, Talk More Anytime
Equipment: Super Hub 3, 2 x 1Tb TiVo's, Hudl 2 (Android 5.1), Moto G4 Plus (Android 6.0.1), Panasonic LCD TV TX-L32G20B & Plasma TV TX-P42S30B
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Re: Tuners locked up?

how do you find tuners fault buy info i cant find this info is this diagnostics board i checked that tuners are reading o cheers forum helper # community forum member only helping the team out so they can get to other members quick with issues jonni
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