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Trying to use Netflix is an exercise in frustration


Does anyone know why Netflix is so very very slow to respond when used with the Tivo box?  It takes ages to respond to any button presses, both outside and inside shows.  If I want to pause a show, it takes about 30s before the pause kicks in after I've pressed the button.  Frequently it takes so long that I press a button again, only for the show to catch up and then do the action twice, leaving me back where I started - except now I need to rewind as well.

Is there any way to make this more responsive?

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Re: Trying to use Netflix is an exercise in frustration

Hi jloveys


Welcome to the Community, I'm really sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with using the Netflix application on your TiVo box lately. 


I've not been able to locate your account to take a closer look at this for you. So I can do that, would you be able to respond to the private message I've sent with the requested information? You can view the message by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Apologies again for the inconvenience this is causing, we're looking forward to getting it sorted.


Speak soon


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