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To be announced, catch up unavailable

For the last 2 days I have noticed the to guide on my tivo is only showing. 'To be announced'. I am unable to view or record any shows as cannot see their name, but when trying to view planned recordings, they are all gone too.
Also for the last few weeks I have been unable to watch anything on catch up (4od, itv player etc) and it simply shows the loading circle and then reverts back to the screen before.

I have to say I regret entering the contract for a TiVo box and will not be renewing it when it ends. I'm paying £42 a month and I barely watch anything on it as it's too frustrating to use and I can't see any benefits from tivo that can't be accessed through a free view box.

If you could at least make my tivo box functional, it would be much appreciated.

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Re: To be announced, catch up unavailable

Hi RosieLaw,


Boo! Sorry. Welcome back to the Community, it's great to see you again. 


I am sorry that the TiVo wasn't showing the right announcements, I would like to help and this nifty tip below:-


  1. Press Home on your TiVo remote
  2. Select Help & Settings.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Choose Connect to the Virgin Media Service now.

Keep in touch and I hope that tonight antics didn't scare you away, I would like to assist you further and in the even that this doesn't populate, can you please PM, I'll investigate.



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