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Tivo very slow after update.

The "Thumbs up, thumbs down, play,play" trick was never required prior to the massive update of a few weeks ago. Now it has to be done every day as a very temporary fix to the problem. It is very obvious that the recent update is the cause of the problem, yet I see nothing on the forums to suggest that Virgin Media are actually doing something about it apart from the aforesaid trick. Are we expected to use this trick every time we wish to watch TV? If so, then Virgin Media has become a 2nd class service overnight. This, coupled with the letter received today that prices are increasing once more, leaves me wondering if it is worth staying with Virgin.I now find it far quicker to access Youtube, BBC iplayer and other catch up services through an old Roku box. I can hear Sky calling as I write this. After many years with Virgin, I am very disappointed in their current service. 


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Re: Tivo very slow after update.

*ahem*. Look at the virgin post 'slow TiVo ' at the top if the board. 

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