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Tivo upgrade

Having the original V+HD box in one room and a first edition Tivo in another,I have had a message off Virgin that I can have a free upgrade to a Tivo box to replace the V+HD one that is soon to be replaced anyway due to age.

Tivo has been around since 2011,and I have been offered a 500GB version.

However having read What HI-Fi,apparantly Virgin are releasing a new updated Tivo box this year as well as a 4K ready box to rival Sky's Q box.

Can I wait until the new boxes are released before I upgrade as I would prefer not to recieve an already "old" model box?

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Re: Tivo upgrade

The Scientific Atlanta V+ HD replacement programme is that they will be replaced with the currently available TiVo box.

If you want to wait to see what pricing options will be available when the new box is released, it's your choice.

However there would be no guarantee (and personally think it's extremely unlikely) that the new boxes will be included in the replacement programme.

Even though the existing TiVo is around 5 years old now, I would point out that the Scientific Atlanta V+ HD boxes are from 2005/6. So you are still getting a box with improved functionality for no cost.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own