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Tivo switches on at 4.55am every day

Hello, here's my story and would very much appreciate some help...
1) tivo wakes up at 4.55am or some minutes either side every morning. I have a soundbar connected to the optical out put and it wakes me up every day! I now have to unplug the bar as a work around every night. Phoned virgin and they never heard of this before. Engineer visited and it was also new news to him. Changed my box and unfortunately same thing happens. Called virgin and this time very unhelpful said must be problem wiith your tv or soundbar?! No further offer of help. Now the new box has given me an added bonus of a new problem.....
2) BBC one and Ch4 often have no sound on audio chanel 1 English. I now have three recordings on my box with no sound. Very disappointing.

I hope Virgin can comment on the above and help me please. I am new to tivo and so far... Not so good :-(
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Re: Tivo switches on at 4.55am every day

Hi Havin_probs,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for coming in for the first time. I'm very sorry to learn about the TiVo. 


I was running some additional tests in the home and I was able to see that your downstream power levels on one or more boxes aren't what they should be. I would like to arrange some help and and engineer to come out to check on everything in the home to be safe. 


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
Speak to you very soon.

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