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Tivo service going blank

Hi, so for about a month and a half my screen randomly goes blank, if I push home or OK on the remote I get the menu's, TV guide etc just no picture.
If I change the channel I just get a blank screen still.
I'm using HDMI, checked cables, vents all OK.
Virgin engineer came out and he said that he's had a few of these and it's because of an update on the Tivo service, to resolve someone switched to scart and it stopped, someone else updated the firmware of there TV which resolved the issue apparently, now I've tried scart and the picture is awful I cant bare to watch it long enough to see if the issue goes.
I have checked the website of my TV manufacturer and there is no firmware update for the TV.
Any ideas on what you do? Has this happened to anyone else?
At the moment the only options I can see is virgin needs to un-update my Tivo or buy me a new telly!
Any help would be greatly appreciated, when it goes blank it does so for anything from 1-10mins, if you cold reboot the box it takes at least 5 mins to start back up so it doesn't really help.
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Re: Tivo service going blank

Hi Chris,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm very sorry to hear you're having trouble with the loss of picture on your TiVo®.


It's the first I've come across this scenario where you say an update has caused the picture issue. If it was a widespread problem I would have heard of it by now and would be experiencing it myself with my own TiVo® box.


I've managed to locate your account to run some tests. The signal levels going to the TiVo® are all looking healthy so I'm not able to detect a fault remotely. Could you please answer the following questions:-


Have you changed the HDMI cable with a known working one?

Does it happen with any particular channel?

Is there anything else connected to the TV e.g DVD, Games Console?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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