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Tivo;s deleted half of MyShows...

Don;t know what's going on here - box was at about 85%, it's now 42% and I've done pretty much nothing to it.  There's nothing in Recently Deleted either.  Help please.  If it's not possible to get the shows back is it at least possible to get a list of what was on there so I can re-tape it?

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Re: Tivo;s deleted half of MyShows...

Hi robbyell,


Thank you for your post on the Community Forum. Sorry to hear that your TiVo® has auto-deleted your shows. 


I have been able to run tests to your TiVo® and everything checks out fine. There are no signal or hard-drive faults seen that could cause your programs to auto-delete. 


Could you please reboot your TiVo® box and re-check to see if the deleted programmes are in the 'Recently Deleted' folder. If the programmes are not in this folder, they are permanently deleted and will not be available to recover. 


Do you remember seeing an hourglass symbol next to any of the missing programmes in the previous 72 hours before they were deleted? The TiVo® will delete recordings in order to make space for current or future recordings that have been set on the box, or the series links could have been set to keep 10 episodes max-so if the series ran over 10 episodes, or this was also set to record repeats, the TiVo® would have deleted previous episodes.


Please have a look through the following thread: TiVo® deleting recordings. You may also consider setting KUID (Keep Until I Delete) on the programmes you don't want to lose. Here is a link to our Help Pages, giving you more information about how to fine tune your TiVo® Recordings.


Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on with this.


Kind regards.




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