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Tivo remote control

I ordered a new remote control about 3 days ago as my current one was not working with only the 8 and 9 buttons actually working even when exchanging the batteries.


My remote has now suddenly sprung back into life and is working properly for some reason, I was wondering what do I do about the new remote that I ordered as it will be on its way now.

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Re: Tivo remote control

I should count yourself lucky that you now have a spare! Hold onto it for the day when your old one packs in completely. Seriously you have done nothing wrong and it will be more trouble than it is worth for you to post it back to VM, and more trouble for them to account for its return.


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Re: Tivo remote control

Hey Star,


Thanks for coming by letting the Community about the remote Smiley Happy


Well looks like you've got one just in case Smiley Tongue I'd just keep it to one side for whenever you need it or maybe you and another can dual control the TV Smiley Happy


I hope you're enjoying your Friday feeling Smiley Happy





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