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Tivo recordings pixelating

Ive noticed that some of my tivo recordings pixilate during playback.

Ive arranged an engineer to come out but im pretty disappointed with this. I've only been a customer for 3 months and this will be my third box as the other one had a problem too.

This seems to be a problem that other customers have too and i was told that you have new boxes that you are now distributing but i feel that this reeks of sub standard equipment. I had a sky + box for 2 and a half years without any problem at all and im worried that this is going to continue throughout my contract.

Coupled with the fact that i cant transfer recordings between the new and old box, (bearing in mind that this is 2015) just adds to my frustrations.

I appreciate that i rent the equipment from vm and i believe that this is a good thing but providing sub standard equipment isnt the right way to go.

Are vm doing anything to address this issue, as surely customers nearing the end of their contractual obligations will start thinking twice about continuing with a service that, taking the issues out of the equation, is a great service?

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Re: Tivo recordings pixelating

I've had my Tivo since 2011, My last Sky box failed after 14 months, stuff goes wrong they're all made by the lowest bidding contractor

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