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Tivo pricing for upgrade from existing package.

I have been searching the website for details of pricing for upgrading my TV package to include Tivo. I have the same set top box that was installed 13+ years ago. I also take landline, broadband and mobile services.

I had a sales call from Virgin a few weeeks ago, and the caller was very instistant that she was offering a FOC upgrade to Tivo, and tried to suggest that it was not optional. I had to be persistant to establish that it was actually a time limited offer and that charges would apply after some time. (3 months if memory serves). It was her attitude and evasiveness that made me refuse the offer, despite the fact I may be interested in Tivo.

Now, I would like to consider whether to try Tivo. Having trawled through the site as carefully as I can, I cannot find anywhere it tells you what it costs to do. I can find a page for new customers, that details the costs.

and that refers you to - "It's quick and simple to get a 1TB or 500GB TiVo box. If you've already got Virgin TV, head over to My Package in My Virgin Media and add your chosen TiVo box."

Follow that instruction and you get to : -

"Changing your package online,

We're sorry, but we're unable to change your package online. We'll be happy to do it for you over the phone, and it'll only take a few minutes. Please call us on 0345 454 1111 to speak to someone who can help."

All I want to do is to see the price, the T.&C. and what is involved in black and white without being pressurised by a salesman. Why is it not straightforward?

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