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Tivo pixelation and awful performance?

I suspect the HDD is on the way out on the Tivo, at times the box makes an annoying buzzing noise and pretty much all recordings have huge pixelation issues, one of them crashes the box so hard it has a disco of lights on the box and does a restart Smiley Sad

Broadcast tv is fine, I am right in thinking its the HDD on its way out? 

So many recordings on the box so if there any tips outside of restarts (the box does this itself) I'm al ears!

Not sure if related but having had Tivo since it first came out the performance has always been awfully slow but these days it is appalling, I notice may threads reporting similar so is there any danger its going to get better or is there a new box due before I ditch the lot an head over to Sky Q? 

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Re: Tivo pixelation and awful performance?

Hi there Shimmyhill, 

I'm really sorry to hear that your TiVo® is causing you a bit of grief when playing back recordings lately, and you are spot on. 

When I've done some testing on your TiVo® I can see numerous errors being reported by the hard drive - whilst everything else looks fine. 

So I think it's time to arrange someone to call out and take a closer look at things for you. I've sent you a private message in order to get the ball rolling with this. Please look to the top right of this page where you'll see a purple envelope icon, click on this and you'll see my message.

Many thanks, and apologies once again.


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