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Tivo installation stuck on stage 2 and in a loop!


It's my first post here and I really hope that one of you could help me out!...

Let me explain...I have received a new tivo set top and managed to set it up in my bedroom. I had some issues with the Check List start up which it didn't pass 'Configuring IP Address' despite of calling Virgin Media to request activation for a few days. However, I called them again last night and they did their bits which I managed to pass all the check lists thankfully. However, there's another new issue now with the installation this time. It only managed to get to the stage 2 and restarted several times but nothing happened. It's like in a loop! It was supposed to take only 30 mins to do that but had been like that for several hours!

Having read some posts here, I have tried unplugging/switching it off for a while and restarted it but no luck as it still has a same issue (stuck on the stage 2 and going in a loop repeatedly!).

It's driving me mad and leaving me so frustrated!

I'd appreciate it if any of you could please provide any other suggestions as to how to fix it? or at least, some staff from Virgin Media could help me out?



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Re: Tivo installation stuck on stage 2 and in a loop!

Hi Karna, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us Smiley Happy


I'm sorry that the installation of the update didn't happen as flawlessly as it should of. How have things been since you posted? Has the update installed now? 


Come back and let us know if you are still having an issue.



Forum Team

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